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2008 Ambassador Summary


  • Bay Area Hoopers donate over 333 hoops to the Boys’ & Girls’ Club and Girl Scouts of America on Treasure Island.
  • Hoopnotica donates one palette of 100 collapsible travel hoops to WHD SF.
  • HoopGirl donates one box of 25 instructional DVDs and 6 classes in SFMichele (IN) started a Hoop Vitality and took the hoop making t o the schools October.
  • Michele (IN) started a Hoop Vitality and took the hoop making t o the schools October.
  • Jo and Rachael from the UK took hoops and made them in Palestine and Israel September.
  • Melody Moezzi of Hooping for Peace (Atlanta, GA) developed a creative social movement promoting peace and social justice around the world in September.
  • Annie & Kevin of WHD (SF) and Steve aka Hoop Daddy (SF) donated 10 hoops total to San Francisco’s Walden House, a home for rehabilitating alcoholics in September.
  • Danielle of Hoopelation (WI) visits Rwanda in Fall 2008.
  • Diana of Body Hoops (Ojai, CA) returned from Mexico in September and donated 30 hoops to Fundacion La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico August-September.
  • Gina of WonderWhirl Hoops (FL) donated Lil’ Orbit hoops to Charlotte County YMCA Summer Camp & the Boys & Girls Club July (her photo from 888 is to the right).
  • Dove from NY is volunteering with the Peace Corps from August 2008-2010 in Cape Verde, Africa and will lead the communities in hoop making and playing.
  • Kevin (SF) moved to California in 2008 and gave 14 hoops upon arrival in May.
  • Kevin & Annie & Jewels & Wheylan & Amanda & Stefan (NY) of GrooveHoops attended BodySculpt and gave away 75 hoops, April.
  • Stefan of GrooveHoops (NY) visited Cuba and gave hoops, March.
  • Melanie of Asheville Hoops (NC) visited Jamaica in 2008 and gave 13 hoops.
  • Annie & Kevin (NY) visited Mexico and gave 26 hoops, January.

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