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Australian trip to Uganda

Ambassador:  Jowanna’s & her mum’s friend Hoop Drop: Uganda Location: Gold Coast & Sydney From: Australia Dates:  January – May 2010

I donated 20 hoops to a book fair, which is held every year by my friend’s family to raise money for a school and health-care centre in a Ugandan village.  Its the village that my friend’s father comes from – which I like.  The hoops all sold in the first few days of the book fair.

My friend’s mum wants to take hoops over for the village school when she flies over in May, so I have 20-25 hoops here ready to go.  She is insisting on paying for them though, but I’m insisting on doing it for cost price & I will be putting the money straight back into making more hoops to donate elsewhere.

I LOVED making the extra hoops for this!!!  I’ve made all different sizes & it’s so lovely to think that kids far over the other side of the world will be playing with them.

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