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Fund Raising Ideas

Fund Raising Ideas

What can I do for World Hoop Day? Interested in hosting a World Hoop Day Fund-raising Event?

Hosting a fund-raising event can be a creative and fun way to partner with WHD to raise awareness about the importance of fitness for children and give to a great cause. There are a variety of events that you can plan and host.  The sky is the limit.

Auctions generate the most income.  Here is some great advice from Shanna of DC Hoop Collective.

1.  Know your audience – Collect donations that are of interest to and in the general area where event attendees live.  For example, avoid things like gift certificates for restaurants, yoga studios, etc. in less trafficked parts of town.

2.  Guide and support sponsors – Don’t be afraid to give businesses a few suggestions as to the items you might be interested in having them donate.  Be sure to explain to them how the silent auction will help promote their products and, at the close of the event, consider sending them a copy of the program as a thank you.

3.  Aim for big ticket items – Fire, LED and specialty hoops bring in a lot more money than smaller grab bag stuff.  Whatever small items are collected should be used as donations in a raffle.

4.  Keep it simple – Encourage people to bid on items in $10 or $20 increments.  This keeps things exciting and limits opportunities for people to have bidding wars that go on forever just over $1 or $2.

5.  Short and sweet – If there are a lot of items and a limited amount of time to announce who won them, feel free to announce only the raffle winners and then ask all other participants to check in with the silent auction bidding table at the end of the event.

Examples of World Hoop Day Fund-raising Events:

  • Fashion Show
  • Coffee Shop Concert with live music: charge at the door
  • Car wash
  • Wine & Cheese Party
  • Jean Day: $5 to wear jeans to work
  • Loose Change collection drive
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Sell inexpensive bottles of wine at an event for double the price and donate the proceeds to World Hoop Day
  • Gather friends for a potluck dinner and then donate the amount you would have spent on dinner out to our programs.

If you are interested in planning and hosting a World Hoop Day Fund-raising Event email Annie for more information or read on.

Examples of recent World Hoop Day Partnerships:

  • Hoopnotica, Inc. donated 10% of their American Girl Hoop sales to World Hoop Day.  They donated almost $600 to support fitness for kids.
  • SuperHooper donated 10% of one of their LED hoop sales to World Hoop Day.  They raised almost $200.


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