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7-7-7 Stampede to the alter on lucky day

Brides and grooms hoping to get lucky on their wedding day have flocked to hold their nuptials on the triple sevens, available only once this century, on July 7, 2007.


By The Vancouver Sun June 5, 2007

Brides and grooms hoping to get lucky on their wedding day have flocked to hold their nuptials on the triple sevens, available only once this century, on July 7, 2007.

It’s also a Saturday and it should be sunny, said Gail Whitton, catering manager at the Brock House Restaurant, one of the city’s most popular venues for weddings.

Brock House will host three weddings that day; at least 50 couples were turned away.

“It’s the most asked-about date. It was booked out a year in advance,” said Whitton. “A lot of people think the number seven is lucky.”

The date is so popular, it has even inspired its own wedding merchandise branded with the date, from teddy bears and underwear to doggy T-shirts spotted with 21 hearts and poker chips made of chocolate.

Date-inspired wedding slogans range from “Lucky in Love 777” to “We Hit the Jackpot 777 On Our Wedding Day.” There are more than 20,500 Google hits for the term, 777 wedding.

Sarah Morgan, a wedding planner for Urban Weddings in Vancouver, said it will be a “crazy” day. The company’s photographer is booked to shoot three weddings that day.

“Two weddings is busy in the summer,” she said. “Three is kind of crazy.”

The appeal of the triple sevens is undeniable, Morgan said.

“It’s the busiest day ever. We’ve had to turn people away. Everybody’s had to turn people away.”

Even though seven has always been a good number for bride-to-be Angela Baxter, and her fiance, Michael Santoro, they chanced upon their July 7 wedding.

“We lucked into it,” she said. She began looking for a venue after her October engagement. “We wanted a Saturday in the summer and the Brock House had a cancellation on seven, seven, seven.”

Being part of the 777 phenomenon has made it easy to find party favours, Baxter said. Each of their 150 guests will find Lucky 7s Scratch & Win lotto tickets at their tables, and she said, bridal party gifts will be engraved with three sevens.

Best of all, she said, her fiance is happy since it’s an easy date to remember.

“Everyone else is more excited about the date,” Baxter said, chuckling. “People say, ‘Oh, it’s such a lucky number,’ and my mom won’t shut up about Eva Longoria.”

(The Desperate Housewives star’s Parisian wedding to basketball player Tony Parker is set for July 7, too.)

“Will [the marriage] be luckier? Sure, why not?” Baxter said. “Now we’ll just have to have seven kids — just kidding.”

But luck is subjective — and cultural, said Rosanna Chan of the Chinese Cultural Centre in Richmond. She said July is not a good month to be married if you’re Chinese.

“On the Chinese calendar, it is not lucky,” said Chan, adding the month focuses on honouring the dead. “Nobody marries in July.”

As for luck, she said: “Eight is our lucky number.”

Date-conscious couples are already asking about the triple eights, Aug. 8, 2008, said Geneve McNally, a wedding planner at DreamGroup Productions Inc.

“The date is so, so important,” McNally said. “It’s key.”

Incidentally, 777 is also World Hoop Day –just in case any brides plan to hula hoop down the aisle.

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