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Interview with Annie

Interview with Annie

Her Heart Is In Fine Art

For Annie, the daughter of a professional photographer, modeling has almost always been a part of her life.“When [my father] needed a shoot for little kids, he would tell me that I would be in it,” Annie said in a recent interview.

“I took a long break from it,” she explained, “but after Burning Man four years ago, I said I would never work in an office again.”

Burning Man is an annual, weeklong counter-culture festival that culminates in the stunning burning of a mammoth man-like totem.

“I decided to start modeling,” Annie said. “I would go to test shoots, but I have been my most successful in fine art. I love the fact that I am in museums as a sculpture or as an oil painting.”

When not modeling, Annie splits her time between costume design and hula hoop performances.

“I love the hooping,” she said with a certain amount of glee. “I’m getting ready for a huge event – 7/7/7, World Hoop Day. My main goal is to give hula hoops to all the poor children of the world.”

Annie said that people can go to to sign up for the event. “I have been traveling around as much as possible to spread the word – be happy, healthy and hoopy.”

Annie has spent the last 14 years in New York, and has lived in her Flatiron-style building in Astoria for the last four. “It’s great – it’s creaky, which is sometimes not so great, but I love that I am a couple of blocks from the water – that I can actually see Manhattan.”

The local food and the people are what makes Astoria feel like home, Annie said. “The people aren’t trying to pretend like in Brooklyn where they’re trying to be too cool,” she said. “The neighborhood is family oriented which is great, and the thrift shops are phenomenal.”


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