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Ambassador Mariana in Brazil

Ambassador Mariana in Brazil

Bam Bam Bam hula hoop Brazil

Bam Bam Bam hula hoop Brazil

Ambassador: Mariana Hoop Drop: São Paulo Location: Brazil From: Porto Alegre, Brazil Dates: 2006 – present

My name is Mariana and I have long been an ambassador of hooping in Porto Alegre (since 2006), and my website is People have often laughed at me (riding on the bus and train with hoops, hooping in college grounds, parks, etc) but the truth is that I feel people are more open to the idea than they used to be. I have been speaking in radio shows and other events, invited by friends who like the idea, and given away many hoops.

This year I decided to do something for World Hoop Day, because I feel the city might finally be ready. This is a city with a very strong park culture, and hoops are naturally compatible with this kind of mentality (although people tend to fear what they don’t know). I have turned many strangers into hoop lovers, but I have come to a point where I cannot afford my hoop-donating habits any longer.


I actually tried to put up a store online, but never managed to keep the hoops long enough to sell them. I have never ever sold one. I always get soft-hearted and end up giving them away, with the promise that the people will spread the word. I have also posted instructions on how to make a hoop, which I think have helped quite a few people too. So I am writing to apply not for a travel (although I am travelling to São Paulo on business on Aug 26th, I will not have the time or resources to organize an event there), but to help spread the word in Porto Alegre, the city where I live.I am not quite travelling but planning to become an ambassador in my city (Porto Alegre). I have been making hoops and giving them away (and spreading the word) since 2006, and this year I am planning to hold a ‘make your own hoop’ workshop on World Hoop Day, in a park where lots of street kids go.  However, I do not have the funds to buy the necessary material to hold an event this size, as I usually spend more or less 4 dollars per hoop (in Brazilian reais, current exchange rate).

I am speaking at a Pecha Kucha event next week ( to try and raise awareness to the power of hooping, and intend to hold a “pilot” workshop on the weekend before WHD and the official workshop on the weekend after WHD.   I intend to use the funding to get wholesale pipe, connectors and tape to hold a workshop at the park, in which people come in.  Thank you for doing this.

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    Thank you for your website! I really appreciate what you’re doing here.

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