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Ambassador Melanie to Jamaica 2008

Ambassador Melanie to Jamaica 2008

Ambassador: Melanie MacNeil of Asheville Hoops Drop: Deep Ripple First Annual Kids Fair Location: Negril, Jamaica, West Indies From: Asheville, NC Date: March 2008

I decided to assume my role instead as an ambassador of fun, health and creativity. I knew my work in Jamaica was to spread the good word about hoops. I felt inspired to bring the positive en ergy that hoops can generate to the West End of Jamaica. I was connected to the Deep Blue Ripple organizers a nd soon became involved with the 1st Annual Kids Fair held in Negril. I was thrilled!

After connecting on with Hoopin’ Annie, some simple networking led to a grant from World Hoop Day. With that support, I was able to construct, transport and contribute 13 kid’s hoops. After school ended around 3pm, the kids slowly filed in to create a wild and active event! The kids recognized the Hoops immediately and in an exciting frenzy, they were quickly pros. With instant smiles and an eagerness to learn, the kids swept throughout the park like a storm! I spent 3 hours playing, teaching, laughing and adventuring with these bright-eyed and energetic sponges.

Overall, my travels taught me a new appreciation for life. As the hoop represents a sense of oneness and wholeness, I saw the children as reflective, shiny mirrors glowing back at me. The language of laughter, music, and art were global, and with the help of the hoops, we transcended through language, culture and boundaries to reach a common ground: FUN!   See photos here!

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