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Ambassador Melanie to Jamaica

Ambassador: Melanie MacNeil of Asheville Hoops Drop: Deep Ripple Second Annual Kids Fair Location: Negril, Jamaica, West Indies From: Asheville, NC Date: January 2009

Melanie returns from her second Negril, Jamaican trip, partially funded by WHD. Asheville Hoops mission is, “To spread the joy of Hoop dancing to people of all ages.” What a gift to be able to extend this mission in Negril, Jamaica, W.I. She writes, “While in Jamaica, the locals loved to see the hoops. Ironically there is a recent “Dancehall Reggae” track by artist “Macka Diamond” called the Hula-Hoop. The Hula Hoop is referred to as the “ula-ooh”….

The children immediately pulled the hoops out and began to roll, spin, toss, hook and dance with the hoops, playing in new ways I had never known or expected. Many of the children in wheelchairs simply “wore” them around their chairs. Others simply held onto them as the tangible experience of the colorful tube in hand was just as blissful as hooping them on the body.” Check out her photos of the Kid’s Fair here. Check out her orphanage trip here.

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