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Host a World Hoop Day Event in your town!

1st timers, Festival Hoopers, or School Assembly, we’ve got ideas for you.
FESTIVAL HOOPERS Many hoopers celebrate WHD at festivals.  The Tri-numeral Festival, Women’s Rock Festivals, and FESTY are a few.  Find out how to enrich the festival experience with hooping.

One of the responsibilities we have is making people aware of the global epidemic of obesity.  It happens to those living in poverty as well as those of us in our country of excess.  We all know that hooping creates a sense of peace, inner calm and happiness.  When people hoop, they burn as many calories as if they were running:  100kcal/10 minutes and it’s way more fun, and better for the knees and ankles.

At your festival, the best thing to do is make a sign, inviting people to participate.  Print out some pix from the website and add them.  Encourage people to buy a hoop or donate what they can can.  Tell them we use the donations to send hoops over seas, or to local charities to get kids and their families fit.  Whatever hoops you sell, save 10% and send our way.  If people want to give cash, tell them it’s tax deductible.

We can give 1 hoop for every $5-10 donation.  There are lots of kids without toys in the world, and a hoop is also a portable fitness center.  Also, be sure and mention the Day itself, where 1000’s gather around the world to hoop for peace.  If it’s possible to have your moment of silence at sunset and wish everyone well, that is ideal.  You may even make little cards or cut out paper strips to give them reminders when they buy their hoop.  Enjoy the music, stay safe and keep enough space around you to avoid the people who aren’t looking where they’re going.

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