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Host an Event – First Timer’s Guide

Host a World Hoop Day Event in your town!

1st timers, Festival Hoopers, or School Assembly, we’ve got ideas for you.

FIRST TIMERS Is is your first time hosting a World Hoop Day?  Read this and get inspired.

There are oodles of places to start and we are so happy to have you aboard our vessel of peace.
It is VERY EASY to be a part of World Hoop Day. You can be as simple as gathering your friends, hoop, share with strangers, tell them that everyone in the world is hooping today (10 10 10) for peace and health. At Sunset I encourage everyone to have a prayer for peace, and a moment of silence to acknowledge that every one of us in responsible for making this planet better.
Some cities are very big and have lots of activities, or they celebrate in a fair, or with an open air festival (read below about festival hooping on WHD), or at a farmer’s market, or in a local park. We try to raise awareness about the global epidemic of obesity, and how hooping burns 100 kcal/ 10 minutes.  That’s the same amount as running, and hooping is better for your knees and ankles.  And it’s much more fun!
Giving them away is our ultimate goal, but this year, I’m inviting hoopers to sell their hoops to people who can afford to buy one and donate at least 10% of the sales to WHD.

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