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November 11, 2011 : Veterans Day

November 11, 2011 : Veterans Day


An important message from World Hoop Day Founder, Annie O’Keeffe

“This year’s World Hoop Day shares the date with US Veterans Day and Canada’s Remembrance Day.  My wish is for those of us celebrating WHD 2011 in these countries is to honor our Veterans first and the Hoop second.  Our mission is clearly to create a peaceful world.  Our Veterans worked and may have died for our peace and freedom. When celebrating WHD on 11/11, please leave time for remembering these important people and their families.  Include Veterans in your Hoop Day Peace Prayer.  You may choose to have World Hoop day on 11/12.  That’s ok, too. Encourage Vets and families of Vets to attend WHD and give hoops to these family’s children.  All four of my grandparents served through WWII and my brother was in three different military branches.  I love America and I salute our Veterans.”

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