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World Hoop Dates 2013 – Vote!

World Hoop Dates 2013 - Vote!

2013, 2014, 20l15… 3013, 3014, 3015… World Hoop Day until the end of time.  We have no idea how the seasons will shift with planetary changes, if they do.  We also do not know what major events will happen that will take away from or add to World Hoop Day.  What I do know is that the world needs us as long as we are giving back, loving, providing joy, healing lives and paying it forward.

So here are the top suggestions for the date.  Please respect the whole planet.  You never know if you will be moving to South America, South Africa or New South Wales.  Also, consider the January dates very carefully, since 12/12/12 is the next one, do we really want a WHD one month later and indoors unless you live south of the equator?  March 14 is Pi Day, and also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  Coincidence?  Well, it’s also cold in most of the northern hemisphere.  8/8 is when all of Europe goes on vacation and people aren’t really planning big events.  October is autumn and spring.  People are returning to school, ready to learn to tricks, skills, work-outs and though, in 2016, if 10/10 wins, we will have to share that date with Canada’s Thanksgiving.  We could always make it the first Saturday of October and the date will change, but it will always be a Saturday in nice weather and well, it has 2 hoops next to 2 people.

So vote.  Please vote for your favorite choice once and one time only.  We have powers that block you from multiple voting anyway.  🙂  The polls end on 12/10 and I will announce the future dates of World Hoop Day on 12/12/11.  Thank you for your time.


What should the WHD date be starting in 2013?

  • 1st Saturday of October - each year (45%, 88 Votes)
  • 9/22 or 9/23 fall equinox (27%, 52 Votes)
  • 10/10 every year (15%, 29 Votes)
  • 3/14 every year (9%, 17 Votes)
  • 3/1/13, 4/1/14, 5/1/15 etc. (4%, 8 Votes)
  • 1/13/13, 1/14/14, 1/15/15 etc. (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 195

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18 Comments to World Hoop Dates 2013 – Vote!

  1. I voted for 10/10. Great time to encourage people to get active. I want a set date and a date in decent-ish weather. The only way Hoop day will be big is on a set date!

  2. I love having world hoop day outside.. Since I am in Canada.. having it during the warmer weather time of year is best… this bring in people off the street to come and hoop.

    Waaaaaay better than being inside.

    That’s my vote.. September 22/23

  3. In Wales, UK, where I am January is freezing and usually raining, so is October, so those dates were a no- no for me. March has very unpredictable weather, so again not a great choice, which left me either with the rolling dates or September. I picked September as rolling dates make it harder to build up a regular expectation of an event with the general public, but I would prefer if we said a set weekend in September, such as the 3rd or 4th weekend of the month, because it is easier to get people involved on the weekends.

  4. Meg

    What Courtney said! September would have perfect hooping weather. A lot of people I know didn’t participate this year because of rain, so it’d be much easier to get others involved during sunny weather.

  5. Bouncy

    I have to say, I think having it on the first Saturday of October is brilliant– it’s like Thanksgiving. We all know that first Saturday will be a play day, unlike if it’s a date, which could be on a Monday or Wednesday or something. That gets my vote!! yes, I’m lobbying. 😀

    • Yay! Thank you all for voting. Love ya and keep telling more people to vote!

    • Yes, I think having it always on Saturday is great. First one in October suits me.

  6. Mon

    Sept 22/23, warmer weather. I froze my tush off this past year.

  7. J

    I’m actually not crazy about any of these dates. 7/7 would be great – I’d really prefer a warm, sunny date for WHD. I’ll admit that I won’t hoop if it’s cold outside anymore. I tried the first year I hooped and it was just too frustrating between the wet ground, frozen fingers, and too many layers of clothing impeding my motion!

    The weather is warm in both hemispheres in early July. It’s 60-80 during the day in South Africa and Australia at that time of year (and it’s summer in North America).

    • I’m so curious why are you limiting yourself to hooping outside? There are fantastic indoor facilities if you get a little creative. 7/7 is not an option, as you can see, because you may think about being warm for yourself, but the goal of WORLD hoop day is to include all people and it’s freezing for the Australians, South Americans and Antarcticans during July. It’s actually not warm in Chile, Sydney, Peru, parts of Africa. If you have traveled the world all in July and can prove me wrong, please do. otherwise, I take my cues from people who actually live there and told me personally that it’s just too dang cold.

  8. MRaduga

    Oh my god, please please PLEASE let it be 10/10 every year! I just discovered this world of hooping today and that is my birthday!

  9. Danielle

    I love the idea of having WHD the first Saturday of October. The weather is great in St. Louis that time of year. I’m excited to see which date gets the vote. Thank you for giving world wide hoopers an opportunity to unite and agree on something. I’ll be there any date we decide. One Love <3

  10. While certain dates have a ring to them, I think the most important consideration is being able to have the events outside in most places around the globe. Outdoor venues mean public spaces and high visibility so that people who never considered hooping before might see the vibrant joyous celebrants and want to try hooping themselves. If we want to create a community of hoopers, we’ve got to invite people into the community, and holding events inside private residences and hidden away in church basements makes it difficult. Plus, I don’t know about other places, but around here, indoor events mean renting a space, which is not cheap.

    So, I love the idea of having it on the fall equinox–seems like the perfect time to be whirling hoops all over the world. And, I do agree that it would be nice for it to always fall on a Saturday, which made the first Sat in October my second choice. I’m with the Canadians on weather though, and even though I’m south of Canada, around here the weather has often turned quite chilly by the first weekend in October. Weather-wise, the best choice for *my* climate would be early September.

  11. Amanda

    I vote for whenever the warmest weather is!!! Not a fan of hooping in cold/snow (but will do it! :)).

  12. Sheena

    I’m from Canada — Fall equinox all the way 🙂

  13. I vote for Fall Equinox! 9/22 or 9/23

  14. Denise

    Having it on a Saturday rules out celebrating the day with children at school. It’s really a fun day at school with young elementary students – if they change it to Saturday we’ll just have to make up a day.

    • Hi Denise, Think outside the box. You can’t change World Hoop Day to another day. It is and always will be the first Saturday of October. However, we are looking into making October HOOP MONTH! So… you can hoop every day, but there will always be just one world hoop day.


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