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First Saturday of October from 2013 to Infinity

You hoopers are amazing!  We had quite a few requests for warm weather in the northern hemisphere.  I wish I could control the weather, but I can’t.  One hooper wanted 10/10 because it is her birthday, but all in all, majority rules and we all want to hoop on Saturday. October is a perfect month.  Here’s why:

1. It’s after Labor Day and Burning Man and Hoop Camp, which all take place in September. 

2. It’s after school has begun and people are ready to learn again.

3. It’s on a Saturday, in the lovely autumn when you can make hoops the colors of the changing leaves.

4. It’s before any major international holidays.

5. October is a 10 – a person and a hoop.  If you look at things like many of us do. 

So here are the dates for 2012 through 2020.  Love  to you all.

Wed 12/12/12

The first Saturday of October:










2 Comments to First Saturday of October from 2013 to Infinity

  1. Kimberly Truitt

    I just want to clarify that 2012’s World Hoop day is 12/12/12. The following years, World Hoop day will be in October? Is that correct?

    • Hi,
      you are correct. Since I came up with the idea for world hoop day back in 2005, I wanted to have memorable dates, important trilogy dates. 7/7/7 was the first and we repeated this for 8/8/8, 9/9/9 and more until 2012, which will be 12/12/12. We had a public vote for 2013 and after all the submissions, the final vote was polled for the first Sat of October for ever! Or until world peace is accomplished, all people have hoops and every day is WHD. Thanks for asking and happy hooping!
      Annie O

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