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An important message about Bullying

Dear Hoop Community,

My name is Tisha Marina. I am professional hoop dancer, Bully Prevention Specialist and youth advocate. I would like to offer a call to action to my fellow hoopers. A call to action with the aid of World Hoop Day as a platform to educate and raise awareness.

The cause: Prevent and End bullying

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people in the United States. 2010, Mexico City, 109 kids took their lives to end bullying. The countries and numbers go on; these are just representations on how bullying is a world wide epidemic. Bullying is not just a school and family problem, it is a community problem. This is a call for all global citizens to take action. As many of you know, the movie BULLY is out and starting conversations. It does not mean the work is done. It has in fact, just begun. This is where we, the hoop community, can immediately step in.

I have been in over 88 schools across the country in the last few years, leading bully prevention workshops in schools. Through this time and experience, I have learned solutions needed to create safe schools for children. They are low cost and highly effective. There is no reason whatsoever that our children are fear for their lives when going to school and taking their own lives when we could be helping them.  What I have seen on this journey, as an educator is scary, life changing and too hard to look away. I am on a mission. I ask you to join me.

What we model as a hoop community is a powerful statement. We can gather at a hoop jam, all ages, sizes, and colors and get along. We can travel the world “couch surfing” with hoopers, having the hoop in common being simply enough to love each other from the start. We model what is possible in a classroom and on the play yard.

The positive energy alone cultivated by World Hoop Day is bound to bring love and peace into the hearts of our children and give them a reason to keep living. We can use this special day to raise awareness about the bullying epidemic serving our own communities, which ultimately serves the whole world.

I ask that we stand in solidarity on 12-12-12 for peace. Peace for the world, peace for families, peace for schools, peace for our children.

My intention is to personally be hooping in solidarity World Hoop Day on at the White house lawn. For the last 3 months I mail letters once a week to the following people: President Barack Obama, Bill, Secretary of Education, Lady Gaga (anti-bully supporter) and other important decision makers. I am asking for their support as well, along with their time to hear my solutions and experiences. I will now be available physically to be in their faces 12-12-12.

I have seen personal transformation take place in my anti-bully hoop workshops. I watch bullies and their victims let down the walls of those dynamics for a few minutes as they  “play” together. Again, evidence that the hoop is a tool for peace. Hooping brings down the hard exterior children must wear just to survive these days. For a few minutes, it gives them back their childhood they may have missed even though they are still children.

Our children enter the battlefield everyday. Even away from school, they are in the war of cyber-bullying. Our children are crying for our help and support.

I simply want to remind us of the powerful leaders we all are. By taking responsibility individually, we are better collectively. Imagine how we can shake up the consciousness of the world, as hoopers? 2012 is when we can hit them like nothing they have ever seen before. We have the opportunity to be a part of history my fellow hoopers.

Thank you for your time and dedication. I appreciate you.


Tisha Marina

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other” Mother Teresa

*I am always available for any questions, comments, concerns, etc.



Every day in America, 160, 000 students stay home because they are too scared to got to school.  Your signature brings them that much closer to safety and right to their education.

The Safe Schools Improvement Act ( S.506 and H.R. 1648) will ensure that:

– Schools and districts have comprehensive and effective student conduct policies that include clear prohibitions regarding bullying and harassment, including LGBT youth;

– Schools and districts focus on effective prevention strategies and professional development designed to help school personnel meaningfully address issues associated with bullying and harassment;

– States and districts maintain and report data regarding incidents of bullying and harassment in order to inform the development of effective federal, state, and local policies that address these issues.

Don’t just be a signer — be an organizer. Turn your signature into hundreds more by asking your friends to sign. Then they’ll ask their friends. That’s how we win.  (Peace Alliance)

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  1. You ROCK Tisha!

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