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I have a Dream

I have a Dream

U ♥ life, U ♥ 2 hoop, I ♥ life, I ♥ 2 hoop! WHD 12/12/12. Own your life. Be involved. We make important changes.

Much love to all who are a part of hooping dot org.  More love to the man behind the dot org.  Mega love to anyone who hoops, has ever hooped, wants to hoop and makes their dreams come true.

This year’s 12/12/12 is a fruition of my dreams.  7 years ago, I had a dream.  This dream was to create world peace through hooping, by giving hoops away to everyone who could not afford one.  My dream has become a dream shared by nearly a million people around the world.

I feel blessed, happy, whole, solid, stellar, a muse, a gift of light energy, buoyant, deep, earthy, magnetic and sacred.  I feel that the world has listened to me and we still have more to do.  Our mind energy, body temples will make the world a peaceful planet.  Hooping creates inner peace, sanctity, wholesome connectedness.

World Hoop Day has been on the TV news, internet news, in newspapers, in a documentary supported by the United Nations, given to hundreds, received by thousands, represented by the Peace Corps, Michelle Obama, the United Nations.  It has spread to every single continent and across the seven seas.

This year, we have an opportunity to be represented at TED talks on 12/12/12.  I am encouraging all of you to get out there and spread your love of hooping to everyone you meet.  Hooping is an ice breaker, an inspiration, motivation, therapy, dance, art form, creative outlet, form of revenue, love, and color.

Sometimes while hooping, as with life, we get hurt.  After hoop camp, I had a huge bruise on the back of my leg from legs, legs, legs.  It was a bruise that turned yellow and green after the black and blue faded.  The hugeness of it meant it was about 6″ long and 2″ wide.  It made me feel proud that I took a difficult class and learned the skill that I still have to master.  Life gives you bruises, and many of us stay the same.  If we take care of our bruises with ice, arnica and solid meditation on how and why these bruises came, we change our lives for better.

Hooping has changed my life forever.

My mom says I have fans.  It’s strange to think how many lives my simple idea has benefited.  Several other wonderful hoop charities have started after World Hoop Day began and I am proud of their work.  Every single one of you can change your life, and others.  All you have to do is dream.  Then dream bigger, and bigger and bigger.

After WHD has covered the planet, we are going inter-stellar.  Hang on for the ride and you will be glad you did.  Please get involved this year.

12/12/12 is Wednesday.  Have a small hoop jam or a grand party.  Stretch the peace and love through the weekend, as we will in the Bay Area.  Flash mob to spread the word.  Host your fundraiser, teach your friends and neighbors how to hoop, how to make hoops, how to love one another peacefully.  Honor your family, friends and strangers.  Show your best hoop dance, video yourself doing the choreography.  Take photos.  Give love away.  It is free to love.

After 12/12/12 the world is our ocean.  Our dreams will continue and love and peace prevail.  My dream is huge.  I’ve shared it with all of you.  You have lived my dream and now we must pay it forward.  Until time ends, the hoop lives on!

In love and light, Annie OK

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  1. Nick Sortal

    any events in south florida? prefer broward or palm beach county but can take a stab at miami-dade if something’s going on. please email me… thanks!

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