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Curvy Hoop Girl Challenge

Curvy Hoop Girl Challenge

I just read the article by Lara about being a goddess sized hoop dancer and finding the comfort and confidence in filming yourself while hoop dancing. It made me cry. I love my body, now more than ever, because of the dancing I have done. I’ve rebuilt my confidence in my curves and know that people love my body, too.

Join me in the challenge to get your confidence out there, to hoop for yourself, for your health, happiness and for others. Show others that every body type and genotype hoops. We are more than our bodies, we are our minds, our hearts and souls. Our country is full of life and happiness and people want to share in ours, too. Let’s give them what they ask for, a little piece of us. Find a great piece of music, listen in your head, edit and send it in. You could win a free trip to a Hoop Event!

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  1. I absolutely love hooping because it doesn’t matter what size you are. More power to Lara for creating this wonderful challenge.

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