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Less than one month til 2013 World Hoop Day

We have had more ambassadors this year than ever before.  By year, of course I mean Hoop Year:  starting WHD 2012 and ending the day before WHD 2013.  So it’s been a short year, too, since last year’s world hoop day was 12/12/12.  This year is less than 10 months.  Since we are now on the first Saturday of Oct, our year will be on average of 365ish days going forward.  Could be a few days longer or shorter.

I’m so thrilled with our ambassadors, too.  Over the weekend, my 11, 6 and 5 year old neighbors, all little girls, became so inspired to tape hoops that they made the jazziest, sparkliest hoops I’ve seen in a long time.  Awe, I love these little kids.  Lola, the eldest, I’ve also taught fire hooping and her dad LOVES it almost as much as she does.  She is also getting inspired to run WHD when she is 20.  Ha!  I love it.

Now for our new ambassadors, and some are recurring:

  1. Cynthia, who took a few dozen hoops to St. Vincents, sent me back a post card with loads of photos on it and even more digitally, which I uploaded here.
  2. Lisa went to Cusco and make a really fun video.
  3. Stephanie went to Kenya and Nairobi and is heading back again soon.
  4. Pam and Olivia went to Dominican Republic.
  5. Penny gives hoops locally in the UK.
  6. Another hooper called Michelle gave locally in Ohio.
  7. Rachel has been traveling the world since 2012 and giving in Nepal, Columbia, SE Asia, and Canada.
  8. Lisa has traveled to Morocco, Peru and Bolivia.
  9. Samantha Ione has given locally around Alaska and is donating a hoop to our Auction at Hoop Camp.
  10. Natalie has donated hoops to children in Ghana.
  11. Stacey and Jay are heading to Peru any day now.
  12. Annie (yes, me) is giving hoops away every month to people around the Bay Area.
  13. Karla has donated hoops around Mexico.

My lucky number 13.  13 Ambassadors for 2013.

Makes me happy!

We also have some amazing sponsors for this year’s auction.  Ione AK Hoops, as mentioned before, is donating a hoop, as well as other products and hoops being donated by: SuperHooper, HoopSUP, Hoopnotica, HoopChi, Hoop Camp, Bubbles On Fire, Cressie Mae Hoops and a few more surprises are in the works.

Can’t wait to do it again this year!  Much love,


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