World Hoop Day Blog Announces Sponsorship of World Hoop Day

Houston, TX — (SBWIRE) — 10/02/2013 —, one of the leaders in connecting consumers with responsible short-term loans online, has announced that they will be acting as a sponsor for World Hoop Day.

World Hoop Day is an event that takes place on the first Saturday of October. Its mission is to bring joy through the importance of play to children around the world, as stated on its website. Their motto is to “Believe. Commit. Achieve.” This means to “Believe it’s possible. Commit to telling a couple of people a day about World Hoop Day and introducing hoops to new people. Achieve the dream we all desire.”

The idea behind World Hoop Day is that there are many benefits to playing with a hoop, including having a fit, leaner body with a stronger core and leaner muscles. Hooping can also improve self-confidence, inner peace, contentment, and relieves depression.

The event began due to the realization that the importance of play is undervalued in the age of technology and information. World Hoop Day works to bring cost-effective toys that double as a portable gym to remote areas of the world where resources are often limited. The organization additionally donates hoops to individuals and local and global organizations that have a direct impact on their communities, such as the Peace Corps and Girl Scouts of America, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and senior homes.

Each year, World Hoop Day volunteers invite their communities to share with them in their vision of creating a more peaceful world through play and giving back. The goals of the annual event are to recruit new hoopers through teaching lessons of hoop making and dance, sharing of music, food, games, and laughter, all while raising funds to distribute hoops to as many individuals as possible. will be joining sponsors such as Hoop Camp Retreats, Super Hooper, Pixie Hoops, HoopGirl, Groove Hoops, and many more. A representative for the company expressed that they were excited to be sponsoring the event, saying, “We at couldn’t be happier to be sponsoring World Hoop Day. We’re so excited to play a part in such an important event that will be touching lives on all corners of the globe, and we can’t wait to watch as World Hoops Day continues to expand its reach and impact more communities that can benefit from hoops.”

To learn more about World Hoop Day and how you can get involved, you can visit their website.

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