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Interview with Samantha Ione: January 2014 Ambassador of the Month

I have decided to take our Ambassador of the Month story one level further by asking Sammy some questions about her hoop life.  She has recently been awarded her second funding to help deliver hoops across Alaska.  After meeting her at Hoop Camp 2013, and our sweet bond over her Halloween birthday and my favorite holiday, I asked her these questions:
Annie – How did you get into hooping?
Sammy – I first got into hooping at my first Girdwood Forest Fair when I was 21 years old. I purchased a hula hoop from a woman named Kammi who was a World Hoop Day Ambassador at one time! It wasn’t until I was 23 years old though that I realized how happy hooping made me so after that they (hoops) never left my side.
Sammy hooping in the snow
A – Who is your hoop role model and why?
S -My hoop role model is Olive Marie of Harmonic Hoops and Harmonic Threads. I actually got my first fire hoop from her and in the process I learned more about the amazing art she created and I wanted to be able to do the same. Another role model that I have is Annie (ha, that’s me!) from the World Hoop Day Organization because giving back to communities one hula hoop at a time is my motto and she lives and breathes it making the world a better hoopier place through organizing World Hoop Day year after year. I could only wish that someday I could grow up and be like my hoop role models. ♥
A – Why did you want to become a WHD Ambassador?
S – I decided that I wanted to be a World Hoop Day Ambassador a year after I had already been using Hoop Love to raise money for charitable causes, like local scholarships for students continuing education, and building hoops for non-profit organizations. Just before becoming an ambassador I moved back to my home town out of concern for the youth and wanting to give them this amazing gift and coping skill –  the opportunity to hoop. When I heard about World Hoop Day I immediately applied and it helped give me direction in my hoop path.
A – Do you feel your recipients’ lives have improved and how? 
S – Ever since I started my mission of unification and making the world a better place through the hoop, I have received incredible feedback from around the world, especially in Alaska or friends around the country who knew me from their time in Alaska. It is just as inspirational to me when people tell me that I have impacted them and inspired them. My ultimate goal with coming home was to get children away from the negative past-times they could be taking on and have them pick up a hula hoop and be inspired to do whatever their hopes and dreams are. If I can do this amazing thing with hula hoops I cannot even imagine what the positive repercussions will be.
My hooper name is Sammy Hoopleseed because like Johnny Appleseed I am spreading the seeds to make the world a better place.
Now isn’t this heartfelt lady an inspiration to us all?  Thanks for your time and contribution, Sammy!  Visit her Ambassador Page to read more about her progress.

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  1. Wonderful Interview! I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha at Hoop Camp 2013. She’s a gem.

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