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Hoop Drop 

Ambassador: Anna Márványi From: Budapest To:  Budapest – Locally Dates:  2014 Donation:  20 hoops

About the project:

During the summer I have been to Croatia and 5 other festivals in Hungary to do workshops.

From 28th August to 1st of September, I will go to Netherlands in order to spread the hoop spirit in a festival called Psy-Fi. The location is Leeuwarden and I will take about 15-20 hoops in different size and weight.

I have also a lot of thing to do as an ambassador here in Hugary because hoopdance is not a well known activity here. My goal is introducing this wonderful passion as much people as I can. I am the only certified hula hoop teacher in the whole country! 🙂 I did a flash mob a few months ago and it was soooo much fun. I have classes and I make home made hoops. Hooping is my life and I started to practice with fire hoop as well. I did workshops at children’s day in an elementary school, I organize the Hungarian Hooping life and community with success and a lot of enthusiasm. With your support I could do more and more 🙂

Hoopdance Hungary



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