World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop

Ambassador: April Muniz, Peace Corps Volunteer From: Batesville, VA, USA To: Diourbel, Senegal, West Africa Dates: August 2011-Present Donation: 50+

About the project: I plan on hosting a World Hoop Day Event in Senegal.  Here are some pictures of my Girls Club having fun with the first batch we made.  These girls will play a big part in our Hoop Day event, thus keeping the spirit alive in the community well after I leave.

Also attached is a link to a uTube video I took of the girls.  Please note that just before taping them, I challenged them to hoop in silence for 5 minutes and you can see how well that went.  There was lots of moaning and groaning as they tried to communicate with one another.

Hoopiness – Senegal girls finding the flow