World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Betty From: Oakland, CA, USA To: Bali, Switzerland, Palestine, Japan Dates: May 2010 to Present Donation: 20+

About the project

In honor of World Hoop Day, LucasHooping donated five Collapsible (HoopChi) Hula Hoops to Japanese students, photographed practicing in their Chuo University group housing area, located one hour West of Tokyo’s Shinjuku station.

Hey Annie, I just returned from Bali where I taught a Hula Hoop Dance class and launched my HoopChi (a combination of dance and Tai Chi with a hoop). Most importantly, I distributed a total of 40 hoops in honor of World Hoop Day, mostly to under-privileged youth at a Foundation called the Bali Global Foundation based in Ubud. I taught them all to hoop before telling them about World Hoop Day. Each day the students will continue to practice hula hoop dancing with a lovely teacher named Shivani (one of my students from my class in Ubud who works temporarily in Bali, lives in Japan). The students plan to perform on World Hoop Day in Bali and have promised to send more photos.

Here is a photo of me teaching Palestinian children on the Wall in Jerusalem.  Each child got a turn to spin the hoop.