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Ambassador: Bryna Rabehl From: Byron, MN To: Philippines Dates:  2014- present Donation:  17 hoops

About the project:  I have been serving as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines for the past 29 months. I currently live in a small fishing community called Santo Domingo, which lies at the foot of the majestic Mayon Volcano and is nestled directly in front of Legazpi Bay. I will remain in the Philippines for another 9 months. Following my service, I plan to bicycle around SE Asia with a fellow hooper friend!

For a majority of the children in my community, toys are a luxury and free time is spent in the street playing with other children. Often times this is with various items found around the barangay (community)- string, tires or wadded up pieces of paper they use to play a game similar to hackey sack. During my first week in my community the children were amazed and intrigued by my LED hula hoop. It was unlike anything they had ever seen! Slowly, their courage grew and they became more comfortable with experimenting with the hoop, taking turns sharing and cheering one another on as we celebrated our hula hooping in the streets.

Due to their new found love with hooping, we hold a 7 pm “hoop jam” each night where all the children gather outside my house for music, hooping and fun. This has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore their creativity, enjoy their fellow hoopers and relax in a safe and positive after school activity. When I saw your website I was curious how my community could become involved. The children here love to hoop, and each day our hoop troop continues to grow!

The funds will be used to help provide the children with hula hoops to use and experiment with. Currently, the children have been extremely patient as they wait for their turn to use a hoop. With additional hoops, each child will be able to explore their own individual flow!

Hi Annie!

 Just wanted to pass on this video I made of the journey the hoops took to reach my kids! Thank you so so much again (:

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