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Ambassador: Chel Rogerson From: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, USA To:  Tijuana, Mexico Dates:  2015 Donation:  20 hoops

About the project:

I am currently living in San Diego (main home address is NC), about a 1hour trip to 7 orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico. For now, I travel to one of these orphanages Casa Hogar and teach hooping and dance 2-4 times a month, or as much as possible! It’s not simply giving them hoops and leaving, but a sustained program which means having a consistent mentor and friend in their lives. I was linked to this orphanage via a wonderful U.S. non profit organization called Corazon De Vida that supports all of the orphanages in Tijuana. They saw how happy the hoops made the kids on my first trip and instantly offered me support to continue visiting the orphanage on my own.

The first priority for now is hoops, though each time I go I also collect food and goods for the orphanage. I self-fund my travel expenses (gas and parking for the day) and the supplies I bring, including donated hoops. Some of the kids are REALLY good and use my personal polypro hoops, so I’m looking to make some basic hoops as well as get some discounted polypros donated. The head of the orphanage keeps the nicer hoops I provide and only lets the serious learners use them so the hoops remain in good condition. And then there’s the other six orphanages, plenty of need.



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