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Ambassador: Christel Lautel of Soul Hoops & Hoops and Hope From: Los Angeles, CA To: Marseille, France Dates:  2014 Donation:  75 hoops

About the project: At this point I have no specific trip planed, as I moved from Los Angeles to Marseille this January (Marseille was the far off place I was wanting to help…and now I am here). I planned to begin the hoop giving here, I started my non profit just for that purpose. There is a LARGE north and west African population of children that need hoops as much as any child anywhere else in the world (as much as the children in their homelands…they call Marseille the “Gateway to Africa”). In addition the city of Marseille has a 50% unemployment rate, so ALL the children in Marseille could greatly benefit from the joys of hooping. I have never seen so many faces light up as I have here. I will be organizing an event here in Marseille at the Le Pharo (park in the city), on WHD, it will be my first of many events.

Thank you for the acceptance!!! Super stoked to be working with you guys! I am in the middle of working with the city to plan some events with the children from the neighborhoods (there are 9, 3 of which are SUPER poor) in Marseille, at our local parks to introduce to them the sport, give some free classes, and the ones who seem like they have the bug. I will give them hoops, and work out a time a day in the future to give them lessons. That is what Hoops and Hope is all about. “Spreading the joy I found in a simple piece of plastic shaped in the form of a circle”… to ALL the children I have the pleasure of interacting with. I will also be doing a hoop making event in September, where the children that show up will leave with their very own personally made hoop, before the big WHD. Lastly I will distribute them to children on WHD during the Saturday and Sunday of that weekend.  Also I will be as of this summer working in ALL the social centers in the city (I was blessed enough to be offered that opportunity, as someone watched me play in one of the social centers this January), and there is where I will be laying my foundation for Hoops and Hope.

It is my mission that every person (specifically but not always children) who have the passion to learn to hoop, should be able to have a hoop. I started with a $6.95 hoop from Toys R Us, until I felt it was more than a phase, and I felt I had earned the $40 hoop…after which I bought 4 at once (mind you I STILL use em from time to time and I have 17 hoops 2 years later). I went to a park party 2 years ago and someone made me hoop, I ended up using the kid’s one as the normal one was too heavy at first. That day I caught the bug, went to Toys R Us the next day and the rest is history. I say this to say that hoops were always so expensive so I never thought about trying it seriously (like most sports in America is is a bit over priced if you don’t know where to look), I was fortunate enough to be allow to borrow a kid’s one for a day, and then bought one for myself. Which was a great starting point, and  a light went off in my head that said, EVERYONE should be able to know this joy!! As it is a simple piece of plastic, it is what you do with the plastic, not how it looks, that makes you a hoops star (however TONS of tape, LED, Fire, and polycarbs are DOPE 😉 but you catch my drift). I am more than open to suggestions as to how I could get the hoops into hands of children, if you would like to expand on what I have mentioned here.    I want to get to ball rolling now for the event…time FLYS for me, so I get things cracking immediately.


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