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Ambassador: Dee of Rotation Nation From: Madison, WI To: Jamaica Dates:  2014 Donation:  25 hoops

About the project: I plan to visit Jamaica early September 2014. I want to visit Portland and Trelawny and give hoops to the local children. I depart ChicagoAugust 30 and fly into Montego Bay. I have a friend who lives in Kingston who will take me to his son’s, Timmy, primary school to hand out some hoops. And then we will drive to the other two cities and find parks near the school to play some music and hoop with the kids. I’ve only been hooping since February 2013 but I expose people to hooping where ever I go. In college last year I brought them to orientation day and now I teach bi-monthly hoop fitness classes. At the hotel where I work I bring them when there is a birthday party in the conference room and it keeps them entertained for hours. And I always put on a little show and give the birthday child a free hoop. For May Day I made hoops for some friends and anonymously left them on their doorstep. Of course they knew the hoop was from me. But it feels so good to make people so happy with a simple circle. I only make simple 3/4inch (adult) and 1/2 inch (kids) hoops. I can’t wait to share my hoops in Jamaica and become an ambassador for World Hoop Day.

I wanna go back to Jamaica! What an amazing experience.
I arrived at Risen Messiah September 3, 2014. There were so many kids. Dressed in lavender and white uniforms sitting in the lunch room having their morning dedication. This was only their 3rd day of school so many of the children were still very shy. Except Nicole, she followed me around all day. Playing with my iPad and asking a million questions. She was adorable. The first class that came outside to hoop were young, around 3/4 years old. They formed 2 groups while I laid all the hoops in the grass. The hoops were a little big for them so I jumped in and out of the hoops as they counted them. The next group was older so we put on some music and just let them free play. The last group were around 8 years old and we did sort of a copy cat routine. Over the head, jump rope, hand passes etc. by the end of the day some of the older girls had learned a couple tricks. One even mastered knee hooping. I plan to return to Risen Messiah before the end of the year. And make a personal stop every time I visit Negril. Thanks again to WHD for supporting my trip.
I posted a video on YouTube and on the WHD Facebook page. I’ll give you the link to the photo album later today.
Here’s the link….

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