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Hoop Drop 

Ambassador: Elizabeth of QueenBee Apiaries From: Wantage, NJ To: Jamaica and St. Croix Dates:  2014 Donation:  100 hoops

About the project: Hello, 

I am a beekeeper in NJ here in the US. I am going to be partnering with farms mostly in the Caribbean (Jamaica, St Croix, mostly) The one farm I stay at in Jamaica is in a village with tons of kids plus all the kids at the farm (6 boys) I had to leave my favorite hoop with my friends son Enoch (he is six) to promise him I would return and he wants a black and gold hoop. Gold is his favorite. A friend of mine (fellow hooper) suggested I contact you guys. I hope I can get some support and direction. I appreciate any directions information and help I can get. I usually buy hoops from my friends I have never made them before but it would be great to be able to teach the kids how to do it there. Also would be great to sell some hoops wholesale and wrap them in Jamaican colors to sell to tourists. People constantly ask me where I got my hoops and I am always like yup they travel with me everywhere. 
I am leaving 8/14/14 until Sept sometime. I will be back again to Jamaica for Christmas. Not sure if we could get this all together before this next trip but that would be fantastic and I am open to it 100%. 

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I think my rambling reflects my excitement. 

One love, 



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