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Ambassador: Erica From: Missouri, USA To: Chicago and Panama Dates:  February, 2012 Donation:  50+

About the project: 

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Hey Annie!

Hoop making is gaining great progress! We leave for our first project on Feb. 18th! Will you have those World Hoop Day Stickers for me to put on the hoops? Also, I was wondering about getting our projects dates and ambassador information on the website. I am using my hoop work for a social work project for school. Its not a big deal but it would be awesome to share with my professor during my final project evaluation.


Project details: I will be beginning the project that Hoop Connections has started called heART Empowermant.  With this project we will be visiting Chicago’s most at-risk youth at The Peace Corner on February 18, 2012.  At The Peace Corner I will be spending time with the kids talking about self-empowerment through positivity, confidence and self-expression. We will explore using the hoop as a way to express ourselves and build confidence in our ability to do something positive, non-violent and healthy for the mind, body and soul.   Hoops will be donated to the center (20 minimum). The next stop for the heART Empowerment Project is Boquete, Panama on February 20, 2012.  Boquete is a small mountain village with many native people who are proud of their cultural heritage.  Our group will be calling a special session of the public school to share with the kids about healthy eating, exercise and fun self expression through the hoop.  Dance and food are a large part of the culture. We plan on mixing the two to encourage dance within the hoop and feeling great by eating good for you food! Hoops will be donated (15 minimum).

The final stop the heART Empowerment Project will be at Casa Hogar Trisker in Boquete Panama on February 21, 2012. This is a government run orphanage in the village.  Hogar Trisker is home to many children and we will be sharing our attention, love and empowerment to them through the hoop! We will empower the children to become confident in the hoop by positive reinforcement and gratification when completing fun tasks and games and learning hoopdance.  We hope to also bring along essentials needed by the home that are used to care for the children daily.   Hoops will be donated (15 minimum).

Panama Hoop Supplies will be purchased in Panama and built on side with the children during a fun workshop so they may decorate and decide color choices, feel they are making a contribution to their family.


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