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Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Isabelle Bergey From: Black Creek, BC, Canada To: Mexico Dates:  2012-Present Donation:  50

About the project:  I have spent the last four months as an “unofficial ambassador”! having just returned from a small town in Mexico (Puerto Progreso), where I made and gave hoops to an extended family of twelve children (ages to 17). They were enthusiastic to learn hooping techniques and enjoyed many afternoons with me sharing games. We put on two SHOWS for their families, friends, and neighbors; the children presented their individual skills and group performances. Towards the end of my winter-long stay in Progreso, these precious children were learning how to build and tape their own hoops. By the time I left, each child had at least 3 hoops of various sizes and some of them had developed new ways to hoop that they were teaching me!

On Dec. 12, 2012, I hosted a World Hoop Day event…hooping with 12 people on the beach of Progreso. Later at this event, I sold hoops; this is what financed my purchasing hoop-making supplies for the group of children.

I plan on returning to Progreso,Yucatan, Mexico next winter, although not in time for World Hoop Day; however I am looking forward to repeating this adventure with more Mexican children in the future.


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