World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop

Ambassadors: Jessica From: San Diego, CA, USA To: Cusco, Peru Dates: March 2009 Donation: 20+

About the project:  Recently, while traveling Peru, I was given a grant from World Hoop Day to make hoops as an offering to the children at “Casa de Milagros” which is a home for orphaned children, just outside of Cusco.

I am continuously humbled by the power of the hoop. Over and over, I have seen the magic of this large, plastic, circle, bring so much joy and healing as it whirls and spins around the human form, like a ring around a planet.

The children at “Casa de Milagros” were no exception. I did not give the children the hoops right away. Since I was going to be there for a few days, I decided to wait and get into their rhythm first. There was school, chores, homework, then dinner. I figured between homework and dinner was going to be the best opportunity for playing with the hoop. On the second day, I brought the hoops out, and before I could even get close to unwrapping them the kids had their hands all over them. There were literally squeals of delight, and they got right to it. In Peru they call it “hula hula” not pronouncing the h’s so it sounds more like “ula ula”.

I picked up my hoop, and showed them some tricks, and I kid you not, for the next three days every free moment they had, they spent hooping. It was fun and challenging to offer trick tips. Luckily there was a native English-speaking boy living there as well, whose parents have responsibility for the run of the place. He was able to translate for me with ease. In my short amount of time with the children, many became apprentices to the hoop.

Even while traveling in remote areas of the jungle, and on mountain buses the sight of the hoop brought a smile to all who came in contact. That is the magical part for me, to see the light spark in people just from the sight.

Check out her amazing video from her trip.  Jessica’s Video of her trip to Peru to bring hoops to orphans.