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Hoop Drop 

Ambassador: Jhulia Kim From: Buenos Aires, Argentina To: Local Dates:  2013 Donation:  30 hoops

About the project:  Hello! I’m a Korean Argentinian.  I’m a world traveler, but actually before leaving Argentina I would love to spread hoop love here in this wonderful city, Buenos Aires.  I think hula hoop in South America can grow rapidly, but action needs to take place.  I found out about this organization not much ago.  Argentina should get an opportunity to widen this circle. We couldn’t wait one more year!  I’m really willing to put all my energy and efforts for this to happen.  Help us!

With the help of hula hoop community from Argentina, we would go to a huge park where there are homeless children, families, all type of people, distributing, teaching and playing with hoops.  Have a list of fun games we could play. We can make it a big event. We can easily get live music, invite the press, invite people from foundations, artists and people from anywhere we can imagine.  We just need the help of hoops.

It has just started spring over here!  I know this big help from WHD can be the start of hoop magic here in this southern part of the world.  Help us put a hoop-flower in the map! ¡muchas gracias!


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