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Ambassador: Jo From: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia To: Qld, NSW,  ACT, Vic, WA, New Zealand, Uganda, Kenya, Vanuatu Dates:  2006 – Present Donation:  550+

About the project: In 2006 I became obsessed with hoop making and found myself making dozens and dozens of hoops. It made sense to start giving them away – I couldn’t possibly use them all myself!

I had heard about World Hoop Day, and in 2008 decided to apply to become an ambassador. Mostly I am self-funded and donate hoops to community organizations for children, or randomly to kids and people within Australia. However, with monetary donations from wonderful friends and acquaintances within the hooping community – and with assistance from from those who were travelling overseas, some of my hoops have also been sent to Uganda, Kenya and Vanuatu.

Hooping puts big smiles on faces, I will never tire of seeing people try out a hoop for the first time, or of hearing the laughter that hooping brings!  If you would like to help out, or deliver hoops, or find out about local hoop jams and classes etc, please contact me via my facebook page below.



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