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Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Karla Solano From: Mexico City, Mexico To: Local Dates:  2013 – Present Donation:  100

About the project: We live in a country where we don´t have the same opportunities to develop.  Many children can’t go to school, and instead they work.  I am a dance teacher who works with teenagers that live in poverty, are in prison or share their life with drugs.  I have spent almost 2 years instructing this teenagers.  I think is important to continue this job with these kids and prevent them from using drugs or becoming vandals, and also showing them that there are other possibilities in life.

We need an ambassador here in Mexico, in the city and in the country.  I am fully committed to my job and being an ambassador here will enrich this work.  I am able to work with people from other countries, and I am able to provide places to stay, food, etc.


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