World Hoop Day Ambassadors



Hoop Drop Ambassador: Lisa te Giffel

Ambassador: Lisa te Giffel From: Utrecht, Netherlands To: Morocco, Peru and Bolivia Dates:  2013-Present Donation:  as many as possible

About the project:  I’ll be traveling in Peru and Bolivia for a month. I’ll definitely bring my own hoop, and hope to arrange that i can bring some more. I’ve spread the joy of hooping in Morocco earlier this year and that was awesome!

I went to Cuzco and some small towns on a trip to Macchu Picchu and I brought my hoops everywhere with me.  I made two small videos, too!  I’m heading to the Amazon jungle today and am very curious about the hooping possibilities over there.  Next travel (India probably) I’m going to bring some small kids’ hoops with me, because I noticed that my hoops are really too large for small kids.


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