World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop 

Ambassador: Mandy From: Salt Lake City To: Local Dates:  2013 Donation:  50 hoops

About the project: Hello girly girl hope this email gets to you in good spirits. I just wanted you to know that i have been able to make 11 hoops outta the money you sent 20 on hardware and 20 on tape. If you would like me to make more i am more then willing to do that just let me know also i have a card we can put money on i believe lol otherwise i will find out what its going to take to send these out to ya. Hope to here from you soon.

P.S i took a picture of some that are finished so you can see what your working with…. good day

Work in progress!  From World Hoop Day: Liberty Park, located between 9th and 13th South and 5th and 7th East in Salt Lake City, is the oldest and most prominent park in Utah. Since its beginning in 1882, Liberty Park has been a favorite open space retreat for thousands of people who have enjoyed its beautiful trees, shrubs and clean mountain air. Liberty is a place to connect with nature, a place to enjoy friendships and family relationships and a place to escape the daily cares of life HOOPERS CAN JOIN TOGETHER IN THE NORTH EAST CORNER!!!!!!!


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