World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Wonder Marium From: Karachi, Pakistan To: Locally – Karachi and nearby cities Dates: Septemeber 2009 to Present Donation: 4000+

About the project:  I am 15 years old and have been hooping since I was 7 years old.  In this time, I have given away 4000 ho0ps in 5 Parks of Karachi, Pakistan. I am working with my Father’s monthly income, without donations. All recipients are poor children.  Especially children whose mothers work in rich family homes who make about one US dollar a day.

I teach at the following locations:

1. Rizwan Park in gulshan iqubal  Gulshan iqubal block 6

2. Nasir sheed Park in  gulshan iqubal, bLOCK 2

3. Farhan sheed Park in North nazim abad karchi.  Block I North nazim ababd Karachi.

4. Globe Pakrk in Karachi

5. I am teaching in many cities in Pakistan. The Sekher, 3rd biggest city of our province. These children are from the Army/Navy of Pakistan.

By the kindness of WHD, I have areas for training and teaching, so no one has to pay.  WHD web site helps me watch good, new videos for upcoming performances.  I get knowledge from the web site of WHD how many countries that have people who are interested in hooping.  I give thanks to   In the future I will make a difference in my region.

Peace by hooping.

I am working on my mission, peace by hooping, changing old thinkers’ minds by hooping.  Some of them do not like females, girls especially, doing any acivity. I am proud that I am becoming a success. These old minded persons are now under my training to learn hooping.  I want to be super star of the hoop!