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Ambassador: Pamela Scott with the Intentional Church From: Stonewall, LA To: Honduras Dates:  2013-Present Donation:  135

About the project:  I am taking a small team to the French Harbor in Honduras, to Islas de la Bahia. The area is third world, and very impoverished. We have a contact who currently runs a Feeding Center in the area that ensures families receive meals during the week. Currently, they are feeding on average 150 people per day, and 135 of them are children. We are going to head to the feeding center to make sure each and every one of those 135 children receives a hoop of their very own. Their situation is grim, and we are really looking forward to bringing the children of that area a new toy (most of them have never had one toy of their own – ever) and introducing them to the joy of hooping. We are currently experiencing logistical issues, as the island is REMOTE and getting all the tubing we need to the area may prove problematic – we have to take a small plane or a river canoe to get there from the mainland – if anyone of the past hoop ambassadors has run into this situation, would you please have them contact me and let me know how they solved this logistical issue? Currently, we have not nailed down an exact date of departure – but we are working with the director of the feeding center, and looking at perhaps November.

How the $150 will be spent: We are currently working on specific logistics regarding how we will get our supplies to such a remote location. We have found an ACE Hardware right in Roatan, Honduras that sells plumbing supplies, so we plan to pick up the tubing in Honduras. We will contact them prior to our arrival with the exact amount we need and pre-order it to ensure it is in stock when we arrive. Our main issue will be getting the tubing from Roatan to the REMOTE island where our children are. Unfortunately, a large chunk of this money may have to go to simple logistics of getting our supplies to the area itself. We may have to hire a private boat to deliver our tubing and other supplies. Again, I am asking for suggestions of how to solve this logistics problem from any ambassadors that have worked in very remote locations for advice or ideas! Any additional monies we have left over will go toward the tubing and the tape. I am in contact with the ACE hardware store in Roatan now to find exactly how much our order of tubing will be. As this is SUCH an impoverished country, we would like to buy as MUCH as we can locally to put funds into the local economy; as opposed to buying it here in the States and shipping it over.  Please email Pam with your advice: pamscott (at) live (dot) com.  Thanks!


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