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Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Rachel Panasiuk of Hoops by Gypsy From: Winnepeg, Canada To: Nepal, Central and South America Dates:  2012-2014 Donation:  200

About the project:  Part of the proceeds from Hoops by Gypsy is to help me continue my travels to donate hoops to various parts of the world. I traveled to Nepal in November of 2012 where I first donated hoops to village children as well as children at a local Kathmandu orphanage. My time in Nepal sparked my hooping fire, and I now know that your passion doesn’t have to be something complicated in order to change the world. It can be something as simple as hooping. 

I have goals to travel to locations in Central and South America. In the meantime, I have donated hoops to a local school here in Winnipeg as a part of my ambassador duties. I also hope to reach my goal of 200 hoops donated to both local projects as well as within my travels.


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