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Hoop Drop 

Ambassador: Robert Stevens From: Brighton, United Kingdom To:  Calais, France Dates: October 10, 2015 Donation:  20 hoops

About the project:

Hello my name is Rob and I’m planning a trip to Calais on October 10, 2015 . Basically some friends went to the ‘Jungle’ which is a refugee camp on the border of France, a temporary home for many people who have suffered and fled their home in search of safety. They took many provisions including a football. The kids were fighting over the football which made me think that it would be a fantastic idea to arrange a ‘Fun Bus’ to take over there full of hoops and donated games and toys.

The money I will use for hoop materials to continue doing these fundraisers, I plan to make these hoops before September 20, as I will be doing another hooping fundraiser at ‘The Peoples Festival’ in Brighton to raise funds for the trip to Calais (fuel, van rental etc etc).

The materials will be sourced through ‘Firetoys’ ( a local circus equipment supplier, as I have friend who works there who is arranging as much pipe, connectors and tape as we can get for the money for cost price.




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