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Ambassador: Samantha Ione From: Valdez, Alaska

To: Galena, Alaska and surrounding villages impacted by the Spring 2013 flood of the Yukon River.

Dates:  2013-Present Donation:  150

About the project:  I have a new website up and running Http://  I did this write up about World Hoop Day

For the 2014 year I would like to use funding toward building hula hoops for the community of Galena, Alaska and surrounding villages impacted by a horrific ice jam which led to floods which led to hundreds of families losing everything due to flooding this past Spring 2013. My goal is to use the funds to build 50 collapsible hula hoops that children and families will be able to bring with them from location to location as they move from shelter to shelter as they have had to do since June of this year and bring home when they have their new homes. For World Hoop Day 2014 I plan to arrange to travel to Galena and host a World Hoop Day event for the communities surrounding. As a 2013 World Hoop Day Ambassador who distributed hoops across all of the major regions of the state I learned how much hula hooping has offered children, teens, and adults alike across rural Alaska. To continue adding to the heritage I want to give back to those who lost more than just their hula hoop and help them find the path back to feeling centered and complete again through the hula hoop.

With the $150 from the World Hoop Day Organization I would be able to buy tubing and connection pieces for fifty hula hoops. The travel expenses, shipping, and additional supplies such as tape could run up to being as much as $1,000 in addition to the funding I am applying for from the World Hoop Day Organization. I plan to make at least two trips to the area between now and October 4th, 2014 to organize something amazing for my fellow Alaskans who need something to turn their frown upside down.

This is a video submitted by somebody of what the flood was like. It breaks my heart and makes me cry to think about people going through such an event. I would love your help to give back to the impacted communities one hula hoop at a time.


Ione AK Hoops has been giving back to communities in the South Central region of the state since 2012. We are located currently in Valdez, Alaska.

I plan to organize with other hoop makers in the state of Alaska to deliver hula hoops to rural villages around the state of Alaska. My home state is 663,268 square miles which is over 1/5th the size of the Continental United States to make a comparison. Most would never realize but many, if not most, places in what is referred to as the Last Frontier are areas that must be reached by plane or boat. This could be why the United States Armed Forces actually consider Alaska overseas deployment. My goal is to distribute 100 hula hoops across our great state to different villages in rural Alaska across all six regions and have other fellow hoop makers join me in this epic journey across our great state.

Alaska has the highest rate of suicide in the United States and the amount of drug and alcohol abuse as well as rape are among the highest in the United States and hula hooping could help save people’s lives, especially in the villages where people experience the harshest environments year round. Hula hooping is a positive coping skill, an art form, and hoop love is a way of life and the villages of Alaska would embrace it.

She asked for World Hoop Day’s help to make this happen and received $150. The funding goes to spend World Hoop Day funding on the supplies ($150 will cover the cost of roughly 60 hula hoops in the state of Alaska) and then also she will do multiple fundraisers throughout the next five months to cover the cost of the remaining hula hoops as well as shipping them out to different areas of the state. She plans to reach out to one hula hoop maker who is part of a shipping company that ships out to villages across who is from Anchorage and a hula hoop maker from Homer, Alaska who has also been interested in doing a similar program.


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