World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Satori From: Craig, CO To: Locally Dates: November 2011 to Present Donation: 20+

About the project: 

Update 12/2011:  I gave ten kids who signed up to receive them each a hoop, the rest I kept at the boys and girls club for use here. The kids love them always tell me about how they practiced last night or show me the fun tricks they make up. We have a hoop group here once a week and normally all of the hoops are used. The girls love the sparkly hoops and like how they look when they spin them fast. The hoops have made an impression on boys and girls from kindergarten all the way to high school!!! They are so much fun and we all say thanks! 😉

Pre-hoop drop:

As far as distribution goes I have about 20-30 kids at the Boys and Girls Club who have shown an interest in hooping to me, as well as a desire to learn more outside of the club. Many have asked me to make them hoola hoops however I do not have the money for supplies. So actual hoops will work great 😉 I plan to hold a class for the kids at the club and all attending children will receive their own.