World Hoop Day Ambassadors


Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Stefani VanDeest of Visual Vortex Spin Collective and SpoFlow Hoops From: Spokane, WA To: Bali, Indonesia Dates:  2012 Donation:  75

About the project:

I recently traveled to Bali Indonesia, with 26 handmade hoops for a Balanese orphanage. The year prior I traveled to Costa Rica with hoops for a school in a small rural village called Cabuya. I did not know about World Hoop Day, the organization….only that it was a day to hoop 🙂 Knowing this is here now, I would love to do this with you all, and connect with other folks that LOVE sharing the joy of hooping around the world. My performing arts group is bringing the Hooping Life Movie here to Spokane in September, with proceeds going to S.P.E.A.R (serving people through Education, Arts, and Recreation) a local non profit that provides food and after school programs for youth ages 6-17. I do plan on returning to Bali next April, and would love to do so as an ambassador of World Hoop Day 🙂


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