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Ambassador: Stefanie From: Mass, USA To: Nairobi Dates:  January 2012, December 2012, January 2013 Donation: 10 hoops + movement instruction and materials to make more

About the project: 

As part of a much bigger dance-making project THEY DANCE FOR RAIN with fine arts photographer Monika Pizzichemi, I began developing relationships with arts-for-social-change organizations in the ghettos, slums and industrial areas of Nairobi.  The process of making long-lasting and colorful hoops for dancing has been ignited with the Banjuka Dance Program in Baba Dogo and the Shangilia Child Rescue Center in Kangemi. The project continues in December of 2013 when we return to further develop and nurture the relationships through continued artistic exchange.

On 12/12/12 my home-base festival, Pittsfield City Hoopla, sponsored a WORLD HOOP DAY event in our local shopping mall in Lanesboro, MA. There we had hoop-making materials available, hoop instruction and open space for exploring.  One of the hoops made at the event was donated to our projects in Nairobi. We cut it down for travel and put it back together and gave it to the kids upon arrival.

The Hoops aspect of the THEY DANCE FOR RAIN project would not be possible without the enthusiastic support from WORLD HOOP DAY. Thank you so much. I look forward to widening our circle and refining the spin.

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Banjuka hoops video:



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