T. Dikyi

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T. Dikyi

Hoop Drop 

Ambassador: T. Dikyi Ukyab From: Woodside, New York, USA To:  Nepal Dates:  Mid-July – Early September 2015 Donation:  30 hoops

About the project:

I am traveling to Nepal on Sunday, July 12 to do music and movement therapy workshops with children affected by the recent earthquakes. I plan on making roughly 300-500 hula hoops for children at 6-7 sites located mostly outside of the capital Kathmandu. I will be working with schools in hard hit rural areas like Sindupalchowk, Gorkha, Lamjang, and Nuwakot. I will also be working with select sites in Kathmandu valley and possibly Lalitpur, however all sites and locations are subject to change based on accessibility and conditions. I will be running workshops for roughly 2 months until early September.





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