Theresa Rose

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Theresa Rose

Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Theresa Rose From: Bloomington, MN To: Local Dates:  2012-Present Donation:  30+

About the project:  As a professional motivational speaker, I travel all around the country sharing the power of the hoop for thousands that would have otherwise not been exposed to its magic. Each one of my keynote presentations has the hoop as its star, and it is a privilege to see how the hoop can transform how people think and move in the world.

Several of my handmade hoops have made it to India where a dear friend of mine Karen conducts personal empowerment workshops for severely disadvantaged girls. Through her incredible non-profit organization Girls for the World, I will continue to supply hoops for the girls in India as well as Peru. Eventually, I would like to join my friend Karen at these workshops to be able to teach the kids a few tricks (or have them teach me!)  Theresa Rose


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