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Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Tirzah From: USA To: Cambodia Dates: February 2011 Donation: 4

About the project: Hi Annie. We met briefly at Hoop Camp 2010. I LOVE what you do. I recently took a trip to Southeast Asia & brought with me some homemade hoops to donate somewhere. I carried them around for 2 months before finding a perfect home for them. The children of Honour Village orphanage, Cambodia were absolutely amazing! They just blew my mind & I fell in love with all of them. I could not believe their hooping skills! Some of them had very horrible pasts, were abandoned, abused,etc. but they all just acted like children, laughing, playing, eager to learn. I was so inspired! Here is a short video. Much Love, Tirzah

Journey of the hoops to Cambodian Orphanage