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Hoop Drop

Ambassador: Trina of PhatHoops From: Vancouver To: Local Dates:  November, 2011 – present Donation:  140+

About the project: I am donating hoops to low income schools in the Vancouver school district. I have already donated 30+ hoops to a group called Young Women In Action that works with under-privileged girls.

I donated 10 hoops in honor of World Hoop day to a local low income school in my town.

Update:  I have donated over 100 hoops to the local low income schools and teaching the fitness portion of the the program Young Women in Action to more than 100 fifth grade girls.  This program teaches them about self worth, self esteem, and self confidence.  I am so proud to be apart of this team.  I am enjoy being able to share my knowledge of World Hoop Day with the girls!


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  1. Thanks for the additional photos, Trina. The girls look so happy!

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