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Hoop Drop  Ambassador: Amaya Chenu From: New York, NY To: Dakhla, Western Sahara Dates:  2014 Donation:  30 hoops About the project: I’m going to a refugee camp called Dakhla in Western Sahara with an organization called FiSahara. This organization hosts an international film festival for the refugees every…

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Hoop Drop  Ambassador: Natallie Brooks of Gnatrocious Hoops From: Casper, WY To: Ghana and locally Dates:  2013-Present Donation:  200 hoops   About the project:  Gnatrocious Hoops encourages a healthy lifestyle through playful physical activity, increasing self-esteem, body awareness, and a healthy mind. She’s been featured & recognized on…

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Banjuka Dance Program- Hoops They Dance For Rain January 2013

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video-2013-06-25-14-07-18 Hoop Drop Ambassador: Lisa te Giffel Ambassador: Lisa te Giffel From: Utrecht, Netherlands To: Morocco, Peru and Bolivia Dates:  2013-Present Donation:  as many as possible About the project:  I’ll be traveling in Peru and Bolivia for a month. I’ll definitely bring my own hoop, and hope to arrange that i…

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Hoop Drop Ambassador: Jo From: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia To: Qld, NSW,  ACT, Vic, WA, New Zealand, Uganda, Kenya, Vanuatu Dates:  2006 – Present Donation:  550+ About the project: In 2006 I became obsessed with hoop making and found myself making dozens and dozens of…

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