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Hoop Drop  Ambassador: Laurel Barrett From: Colorado Springs, CO To: Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Belize, Ecuador, Nassau, Oregon, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida Dates:  2013- present Donation:  100 hoops About the project:  I travel all the time. In the last 18 months I have been to…

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Hoop Drop  Ambassador: Jhulia Kim From: Buenos Aires, Argentina To: Local Dates:  2013 Donation:  30 hoops About the project:  Hello! I’m a Korean Argentinian.  I’m a world traveler, but actually before leaving Argentina I would love to spread hoop love here in this wonderful city, Buenos Aires.…

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video-2013-06-25-14-07-18 Hoop Drop Ambassador: Lisa te Giffel Ambassador: Lisa te Giffel From: Utrecht, Netherlands To: Morocco, Peru and Bolivia Dates:  2013-Present Donation:  as many as possible About the project:  I’ll be traveling in Peru and Bolivia for a month. I’ll definitely bring my own hoop, and hope to arrange that i…

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Hoop Drop Ambassador: Cynthia Beache From: Lake Saint Louis, MO To: St. Vincent & The Grenadines Dates:  2010-Present Donation:  100+ About the project:  As the founder of Traveling Love Suitcases and partnering with St. Vincent Children’s Outreach Mission, we travel to St. Vincent & The…

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Hoop Drop Ambassador: Rachel Panasiuk of Hoops by Gypsy From: Winnepeg, Canada To: Nepal, Central and South America Dates:  2012-2014 Donation:  200 About the project:  Part of the proceeds from Hoops by Gypsy is to help me continue my travels to donate hoops to various parts of…

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