About World Hoop Day

Our Mission

The mission of World Hoop Day is to bring joy through the importance of play to children around the world.  The benefits of playing with a hoop include having a fit, leaner body with a stronger core and leaner muscles.  Hooping improves self-confidence, inner peace, contentment and relieves depression.


The importance of play is undervalued in this technological age of information.  World Hoop Day brings cost-effective toys that double as a portable gym to remote areas of the world where resources are limited.  Additionally, we donate hoops to individuals and local and global organizations that have a direct impact on communities.  Examples include the Peace Corps and Girl Scouts of America, orphanages, rehabilitation centers and senior homes.


The founders actively recruit and accept proposals from organizations and charities for hoop destinations.  Individual hoopers, teachers and students contribute to the grass roots effort in the movement to end childhood obesity.  Our efforts require a large amount of volunteers who believe in utilizing a single item to change the world.


Every year on an international, easy-to-remember date World Hoop Day volunteers invite their communities to share in the vision of creating a more peaceful world through play and giving back.  Goals of World Hoop Day’s annual event are to recruit new hoopers through teaching lessons of hoop making and dance, sharing of music, food, games and laughter, and raising funds to distribute hoops to as many individuals in the world as possible.


On World Hoop Day the O’Keeffe founders, Annie and Kevin, wish that everyone on the planet who wants a hoop will have one.  On this memorable day at a simultaneous moment, the whole world will be hooping.  Alternatively individuals can link arms or hold hands in circles everywhere.

The world will truly know peace for one minute.


Besides breaking multiple Guinness Records, connecting every individual on earth is a tremendous dream that can be accomplished with a common tool.  Annie believes the circle, or a hoop, can accomplish this.  She needs your help to distribute hoops, information and compassion to as many of your fellow humans as you can.

Global Hoop Gallery

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  • Happy Birthday to me, I'm in Mimosa, a hot air balloon with purple tulips....biggest balloons for a party!
  • Buddha is just cute.
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